POWER FABRIC by Giorgio Armani

July 27, 2018

In recent years, more and more cosmetics brands have been attempting to incorporate fashion into their collections, while at the same time more international high-end fashion brands have been marrying cosmetic lines in theirs. However, most of these hopeful marriages usually end up being a mere formality, sharing a brand name or marketing technique, as very few brands actually succeed in creating a unified collection of cosmetics and fashion which shares common principals and philosophies.

But lo and behold! There is one exception to this rule- a veteran couture brand which successfully imprints its ideology in both its established fashion collections and its newly launched makeup product. I am referring of course to the new POWER FABRIC makeup by Italian power house ARMANI, which is infused with active ingratiates, and has the textures that correspond perfectly with the fabrics of Giorgio Armani’s famous fashions.

The ARMANI POWER FABRIC makeup does not rely on some PR manufactured ideology, but on the very roots of the house of ARMANI history; dating back to the late 1970’s, when Giorgio Armani first established his fashion house. It was during the height of the second wave of feminism when women were just beginning to take their place in the corporate world, and with that came the demand for a more feminine “power suit”. Corporate women desired an alternative to the standard masculine dark office suit with its buttoned shirts and ties, and Armani- who had already made fashion history with his iconic men’s suits in the seventies- was the man for the job. Though it took him some time, Armani finally perfected the female power suits with help and encouragement from his sister, thus joining other designers like Donna Karan who celebrated the female empowerment movement. By the mid 1980’s the Armani power suit for women, with its elaborate details, accentuated shoulder pads, delicate feminine fabrics and extended lapels became a staple of  1980’s wealth and ambition.

In 1982 Armani became the first fashion designer to appear on the cover of TIME Magazine since Christian Dior in the 1940’s. From that moment on, the Armani business suit became the unofficial uniform of Wall Street brokers and Hollywood agents, and women all across the job market began sporting the darker colored Armani jackets and tailored pants in the office.

It is that 1980’s power that the house of Armani now infuses in the title for its latest creation- the ARMANI POWER FABRIC:  a product that is garnering much attention from bloggers and trend setters from all across the globe, and has become a permanent part of my own makeup bag ever since I first encountered.

The POWER FABRIC makeup comes in a rather large bottle with a matte finish, which gives you that expensive luxurious feeling once you hold it in your hand. The small pump under the lid, which provides a quick, easy and precise application, adds a practical element to the richness of the product. But it is the creamy texture with its floral scent that allows you complete coverage, and though the tone is quite matte your skin still looks fresh and radiant. Frankly, I would expect nothing less from a product that is so photogenic that it was actually describes several time during its launch event as “The perfect Selfie makeup”.

The POWER FABRIC also mixes perfectly with any moisturizer or primer, so you don’t have to worry about it smudging or disappearing completely. And though I cannot be certain that it does indeed last for 16 hours, as advertised, I can honestly say that in my personal experience it does a great job of perfectly lasting for up to 6 or 7 hours; and that says a lot considering the brutally humid and hot Israeli summer and our constant switches from blazing sun to dry air conditioned rooms. And I must also add that from my personal experience and taste, ARMANI has a winning color pallet. So the next time you visit the Duty Free, don’t miss out on the lavish experience that is the ARMANI cosmetics counter. ARMANI cosmetic products are exclusively featured in the Duty Free James Richardson stores.


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