Digital Management

The Ritz Carlton Herzliya March 1, 2018

Whether you are on a family holiday or a business trip, the words “luxury hotel” evoke expectations of comfort, incomparable service and breathtaking elegance. And when it comes to the Ritz- Carlton, it is indeed all of the above and more. ...

Galia Lahav Don’t Call Me Sugar 2018 Couture Paris February 26, 2018

Designer Galia Lahav did not miss a beat as a she took Paris by storm for the third time. Keep following to read the full interview she gave us when we caught up with her behind the scenes of her Paris fashion show. But in the meantime, enjoy the highlights of her show....

The title “journalist” February 24, 2018

The title “journalist” has taken on a whole new meaning these days and is too often infused with spur of the moment posts, free online platforms for self-expression and an ever expanding blogger industry. Yet, if these ever expanding platforms are used to inspire...

Reality and Ability

"what I can do with my budget"

There is no such thing as a low budget, there is "what I can do with my budget"! Coordinating expectations between reality and ability. Build a concept from scratch or rebranding. Upgrade an existing brand. With everything you can work question how much you come with an open mind to the project. It's all about your attitude.